My daughter and her boyfriend have just returned from spending Christmas in the family Villa in Porto Pollensa. Having been there several times over the past two years they were looking forward to having a romantic Christmas in what we all felt the perfect place to do just that.

Their break was happy occasion but unfortunately they came back with a very sad message. The place is getting very dirty.
My wife and I have been going to this Mediterranean beauty spot since the early Eighties. Obviously we have seen many changes during that time, but the one thing that has not changed is the amount of dog muck left in the streets and on the beaches. Okay, this maybe the winter and classed as out of season, but it is just not now .... even at the height of the season this year, the Majorcan residents seem hell bent on spoiling their beauty spots with this filth.

I think its high time the Islanders realised they are no longer the outright owners of this beautiful Island and were brought to task over this kind of behaviour. The Majorcans have invited people like ourselves to indulge in properties here for many years and by doing so have created an enormous wealth for themselves, but this does not in any way give them the right to display such unruly filthy behaviour.

By my writings, you will have gathered I am very disturbed by this. I think it is the blatant attitude of locally-born people that disturbs me most ... no wonder the growing German population here are seeking local authority controls .... good luck to them.

It would serve the Majorcans right if they lost control of a few local councils, if only to clean up the streets and beaches of dog muck.
Lets hope 2009 sees a different attitude.

Charles Hancock


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