by Jason Moore

Has the time come to finally clean-up Magalluf? On Monday the BBC will screen yet another documentary about the popular resort which doesn´t do Magalluf or Majorca any favours at all. I think the time has come for the Calvia council to crackdown on some of Magalluf´s excesses; binge drinking, prostitution and general loutish behaviour need to be tackled. I watched the presenter of this latest BBC documentary being interviewed yesterday and she said that many Magalluf holidaymakers would never dream of behaving in such a way “back home.” So why do they do it in Magalluf? Now, it has always been a “party resort” but unfortunately its reputation is starting to tarnish Majorca as a whole. This latest BBC programme will do little to help Majorca´s reputation as a family holiday destination. I would say that the council needs to start looking closely at what is on offer in Magalluf and especially Punta Ballena. Now, I don´t want to take the fun out of Magalluf but perhaps there is just too much fun and too much excessive drinking. “Magalluf is a wonderful place it is the people who ruin it,” one veteran expatriate told me yesterday. And he is right. We need to get away from the perception that Magalluf is a lawless resort where you can do what you like. This is obviously not the case and the Calvia police do a first class job. But something needs to be done otherwise this island´s hard fought reputation as a holiday paradise could be damaged.


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