Reflecting on your comments regarding UKIP (Wed. JAN 2ND. editorial), I mooted that after quoting their intention to pull Britain out from the E.U. you ended a sentence with a query, “What then?” That, Sir, is the 64'000 dollar question. As far as anyone knows, UKIP can only point to the British Commonwealth, a collection of former Colonies, mandates and what-have-you, of which, only three nations - Australia, New Zealand, and Canada could realistically be trading partners, though even Canada is doubtful following its strong economic and cultural ties to the United States. With the populations of these three nations not exceeding fifty millions, while the E.U. States comfortably above four hundred millions, it does not require the brain of an Einstein to realise the catastrophic effect on Britain's trade, should the country have a brainstorm and withdraw from Europe. These facts alone should make people think. The scare-mongering of UKIP last year was based purely on the turmoil that enveloped Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, which as you noted earlier this week, had led to the fears of a collapse of the E.U. This gave fuel to UKIP's hopes, now comprehensively exploded. I have been a lifetime Conservative and it grieves me to see a tiny proportion of similar Tories in Parliament supporting UKIP with their xenophobic attitude regarding Britain and Europe. It is true that some of the E.U's policies are distasteful and idiosyncratic, but David Cameron can only alleviate or modify them by being part of the Organisation, not outside. The Prime Minister is due to make a major speech on Europe within a few days. Let's hope he sends a clarion call to convince voters of UKIP's utter futility with their dark, destructive demands.

Yours Sincerely, Phil Green
El Toro


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