Having worked in tourism and customer care all over Spain including Benidorm and here in Majorca, there is a difference between both places and that's the people. The Majorcans do not have a clue about customer care and don't even smile or say thank you when taking money from you. They thought that the tourists would come here forever because they had the sunshine. They treat tourists badly and rip them off constantly. I speak Spanish and listen to the comments and the insults about the guiris (foreigners) and have always told them without the tourism Majorca will die. I also worked in Benidorm when it was starting to go downhill but they listened to what to the TOURISTS wanted, whether they wanted it or not the tourists wanted late bar, live music, daytime entertainment, facilities for wheelchairs, friendly hotel and bar staff so they worked at it and through word of mouth as well as promoting the island it worked. The majority of the Majorcans do not like other Spaniards, you me or anyone else who knows or has learnt to do things better than them... and it shows but they also are too arrogant to learn, or to teach their children. The honey pot has now dried up and they have I fear left it too late, word of mouth about the bad treatment of tourists, has spread and with no customer care skills whatsoever, they have brought it on themselves and its so sad for our children growing up here but this island is beautiful on the outside but its not beautiful on the inside....

Elizabeth Dobson


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