by Jason Moore

A few years ago the Palma city council had a promotion campaign entitled “A Tourist, A Friend.” Now it is the case of “A Tourist, then Pay More.” Why is it that tourists have to pay more to visit some attractions on the island? If a local resident wants to park his car at Lluc monastery he or she pays 4 euros, a tourist has to pay 4.8 euros! This is outrageous, why should tourists, who are the lifeblood of the local economy, have to pay more simply because they are on holiday here. I suspect that the European Union would not be too impressed if they discovered that British and German tourists were having to pay more than Spaniards to park their car in Majorca! I am sure that it breaks every European Union law in the book. It is a classic case of discrimination. Infact, and being very controversial, I would say that tourists should pay less, because afterall we will be lost without tourism in Majorca. I would urge the local authorities to end this discrimination for once and for all.

THANK you for all your comments on our article on Benidorm which is packed with British tourists this winter while resorts in Majorca are empty. One Bulletin reader who has recently returned from the mainland resort said that prices were much cheaper than those being charged in Majorca. The tourist industry is very price sensitive and we should always remember that on this island.


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