Dear Sir,

I write re your article in the Daily Bulletin Sat Sun Mon, Dec 24, 25, 26, 2011 Front page “Fury over Spanish Winter Fuel Payments.” You stated I quote that “the tax free 300 pounds payment goes to all pensioners living abroad providing that they claimed the benefit before they left Britain” It is correct what you say about having had to claim before you left Britain.

But the amount of 300 pounds is not paid to all pensioners just the over eighties. From the age of 60 it is 200 pounds up to the age of 80 then it is 300 pounds which has been lowered from 400 pounds the 200 pounds payment was initially 250 pounds. I come into the under 80 bracket 'and find that as elecricity is so expensive here in Majorca for one winter month my account is 245 euros so it helps towards the high winter costs.

David Earnshaw

Porto Cristo


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