by Jason Moore

THERE was speculation when it was announced that Magalluf was to receive a multi-million euro facelift that its name should be changed as well. Initially, I said that I didn´t think it was a good idea, but I have changed my mind. Magalluf will be plastered all over British television screens over the coming weeks for all the wrong reasons. Magalluf is a fun resort but now it is becoming known as a haven for binge drinking and at the same time it is tarnishing the good name of Majorca. It is quite amazing how one such small resort can cause so much trouble. I think the Calvia council should consider a new name which reflects the new Magalluf: new hotels, new attractions and a new image. Reputations die hard and unfortunately Magalluf has got a reputation. In the short-term the Calvia council and the Balearic government has got to do something about Magalluf. Apart from binge drinking and general outrageous behaviour there are all the problems of street prostitution. Something needs to be done.


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