By Jason Moore
WHY did the Balearic government have to get involved in the new nationwide smoking law? Under the nationwide legislation which came into force on January 1 smoking is restricted in many areas including bars and restaurants. But enter the Balearic government, which demands that every bar and restaurant has its own smoking area. The result is that there is just more confusion over the issue and some businesses are using the loophole to continue as normal. The bars and restaurants I've been to are not too sure of the new laws with many choosing to follow the national law rather than the local one. The new Spanish law is complicated and it doesn't need even more complications from the Balearic government. It would have been better if smoking had been banned in all bars and restaurants like they have done in Italy. Everyone knows where they stand. But the Spanish government have tried to please both sides, by banning smoking in the work place but allowing people to light-up in “leisure areas.” Bars and restaurants are facing quite a substantial fall in revenue as a result of the new law. If the Spanish government is not prepared to ban smoking completely in public areas, then they should allow smoking and non-smoking bars and restaurants. This half-way house would ensure than everyone was happy.


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