Dear Editor,

HAVING read recently your extremely disturbing news of the imminent closure of the 40 year old refuge for animals, Centre Canino Internacional, I would like to express my opinion: Something stinks here! I came to Majorca in the late 60's and remember taking some abandoned kittens to the C.C.I then. As this refuge has been functioning since then, I am puzzled to read your articles stating that Palma Council demand its closure because, they say, the refuge does not have the necessary licence. Where have the Council been for the last 40 years?

Why suddenly, since the C.C.I. were forced to move from their original premises in Calle Jesus, (by order of the Council) has all this officialdom surfaced? I repeat, something stinks.

The C.C.I., I am told, received the Zoological licence last April which means, I believe, they are allowed to house animals. But they were then told that they needed a “breeding” licence - so they applied and were given the licence.

They were then told they needed a “boarding” licence - for which they applied last September but, I have been informed, no one from this Council or the previous Council has acknowledged the request one way or the other. So, what more can they do?
(Before writing to you I have asked many questions to gather all the information I can to try to fathom out what is going on.)
The C.C.I. are not asking for the financial or any other form of aid or favours from the Council, just permission to rescue animals that have been lost, that cannot be cared for by their owners or those that have been “dumped” by their owners - nine puppies found in separate rubbish containers just before Christmas taken to the C.C.I. by caring Majorcan citizens! Where would these unfortunate little creatures have ended up if the C.C.I. had been shut down?

Son Reus cannot possibly cope with the numbers of “man's best friend” taken daily to be eventually “sacrificado” there.
Please Council of Palma, accept this generous help that is being offered and give these noble animals a second chance to lighten up someone's life. Yours respectfully Olivia Qualtrough Calvia


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