ALMOST three million people didn´t go to work in Britain this week because of the heavy snow. As usual Britain was not prepared and there is a shortage of everything from salt to gritters for the roads. Britain quite rightly prides itself on its Dunkirk and bulldog spirit. This week it obviously froze over because the country has come to a standstill.

The German air force was unable to close down Britain and the French Navy was unable to keep the British fleet in port but a bit of snow and it is thank you and goodnight! Remarkable. Looking at Britain in 2010 the Dunkirk evacuation probably wouldn´t have taken place because of rough water in the Channel!

It is quite amazing; because let us remember that snow has also fallen in Germany and France and Norway and Denmark also get a bit chilly in the winter! But they haven´t had to run up the white flag and close down. No, the snow has managed to do what Hitler and Napolean couldn´t; almost bring Britain to its knees. I wonder what Winston Churchill would make of modern day Britain! There is something very wrong with a country which closes down because of snow and three million people stay at home. Has the bulldog gone and been replaced by a poodle, it certainly looks like it!


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