By Jason Moore

IT has often been said that satellite television revolutionised expatriate life on Majorca. I have heard some expats saying that if they were unable to watch British television in Majorca they would return home! Amazing but true. But what also deserves plenty of praise is that we are able to see top box office movies in English in Palma. Full marks to the Renoir Cinema which once again has come to our rescue and is showing the Iron Lady starting tomorrow. The Palma cinema is already showing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy. We are spoilt for choice. Now, I can see the Iron Lady being a real hit at the Renoir, but a word of caution, the film has enjoyed some mixed reviews. Meryl Streep is fantastic but the film has been given rather downbeat reviews. All I hope is that Margaret Thatcher is portrayed in the right light. She was probably one of Britain´s greatest Prime Ministers of the last 100 years. While she had her faults, she should be remembered for pulling Britain back from the brink and ending the monstrous power of the trade unions. If I had a choice in these difficult economic times I would prefer to have Margaret Thatcher in Number 10 than David Cameron. Thatcher had an economic plan. It was brutal but it worked and she helped return Britain to prosperity. History will remember her victory rather than her defeats. I sincerely hope that the Iron Lady does her justice and thanks to the Renoir I will be able to see for myself.


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