by Humphrey Carter

SPAIN has a King and he, quite rightly, makes a Christmas speech. It also has a Prime Minister who is also rightly entitled to give a festive message but why should every regional president then give their own Christmas or festive message.

To try and put this into perspective, it would be like the leader of every greater council in the UK giving a Christmas message after the Queen and Prime Minister and, of course, all of them, even if they are members of the same party, have a different message, and I think this year, there were more regional messages than ever from Catalonia to the Basque Country, both wanting independence, to Galicia and Asturias, two other regions which are toying with the idea.

The centre right Partido Popular may quite well have won a majority but its key regional leaders are not singing from the same song sheet. Especially not the Minister for Defense who has angered the governments in Catalonia and the Basque Country by stressing that the “military is prepared, they are keeping calm and in good spirits and not reacting to absurd provocation”, during his own festive speech to mark Spain's annual Epiphany military parade.

Just what is he referring to.
Where's the threat coming from.
Overseas, I don't think so. The Spanish military are only ever deployed as “peace keepers” nowadays, despite troops losing their lives in global hot spots.

So, the threat must be from within. Dangerous times or foolish talk?


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