I really had to bring this to the attention of expats about the medical service and the treatment I was confronted with, today. I had chronic toothache and went to Palmanova medical centre, I explained to the receptionist my problem and was told to go to the first floor room 108,the lady who came to the door spoke English.When I explained I had been sent up from reception as my tooth needed to be removed I was told; sorry if you can´t speak Spanish we can´t treat you; I have paid and still do all my taxes and social security and I am a pensioner, surely this cannot be right? Okay I can´t speak Spanish, some people like myself can get by but cannot pick up languages no matter how hard they try, I don´t know the European law on this but I think it is a disgrace. I went to a Spanish dentist along from the Guardia Civil, showed my pain and had the tooth removed in minutes for the cost of 40 euros, do you think the hacienda will stop me from paying tax as I cant speak Spanish!!! I wouldn´t hold my breath.

Tom Pierrepoint


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