By Jason Moore
I am deeply concerned at the quality of our politicians and I suspect that I am not alone. The other day I was amazed to see that a group of people believe in Britain that Jeremy Clarkson should be Prime Minister. While I am a major fan of Top Gear who in their right mind believes that Clarkson is fit to lead Britain? He tells it how it is and is no fan of political correctness, I hear his fans say. Yes, and? At the end of the day Mr. Clarkson is a good TV presenter and a good author but is he the man to stop Britain going to the dogs? Well no. Politics at the moment is deeply boring; so boring that I don´t even think it interests the elected members of parliament. The reasons why the Tories are ahead in the polls is because the Labour government is so bad a growing proportion of the population believe that they must be able to do better. But that is it. The reason why Barack Obama is giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money is because he is new and fresh and speaks a language which we understand. He is different. Hillary is just like all the other politicians, she might be the best person for the job but she doesn´t inspire me. In Spain your choice of candidate is even worse; you´ve got your public school master (Mariano Rajoy) and the head teacher of a comprehensive (Rodriguez Zapatero). Apart from Obama there is Nicholas Sarkozy in France whose private life does appear to be adding some spice to the political scene. It is quite amazing, all of a sudden, politics seems to be driven by John Majors. Come on Obama it is not only the U.S. which is depending on you, we need a change and a big change and now!


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