by Ray Fleming

DO David Cameron and his Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, talk together about the big issues facing Britain?
We are often told they have a close relationship so the answer must be Yes, and we can assume that Britain's future in Europe is a topic they touch on now and then. So does what Mr Osborne said in an interview in the German newspaper Die Welt yesterday reflect Mr Cameron's views? He said, “I very much hope that Britain remains a member of the EU but in order that we can remain a member the EU must change.” When he gets to making his big EU speech will Mr Cameron say the same thing?.

The “EU must change” theme has been running for some time but it is now at the point when it must be spelt out in specific terms rather than in vague generalisations or negative vetos.

Just listing opt-outs that Britain wants from the EU treaties is about privileged changes Britain wants, not about how the EU itself should change.
The only way to change the EU is by remaining a member and fighting for it from within; Mrs Thatcher understood that and got her way on major issues more than once.

The arrogance of Cameron and Osborne may satisfy Conservative backbenchers and UKIP but it will prove to be a disservice to Britain.


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