by Jason Moore

I have made my views on the need for Britain to stay in the European Union very clear in this space on numerous occasions but I do rather object to a foreign power effectively telling Britain how to run its affairs. The U.S. administration wants Britain to remain in the European Union and not cut any ties with it. I sincerely doubt that Prime Minister David Cameron would ever dare to lecture the U.S. on their foreign policy so the U.S. should just mind its own business. The European Union is deeply unpopular in Britain and Cameron is only pondering changes because the British electorate is not impressed by Brussels. If Britain does leave the European Union it will be a decision which is favoured by the majority of the people of Britain. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said that the Special Relationship with the U.S. is only special as long as it is in Britain´s interests. Wise words which Cameron should take on board. The silly statement by the U.S. administration has only helped cause yet another rift within the coalition government. Cameron has had to move fast and calm the troubled waters with the Obama administration. I do believe that the Prime Minister should give the green light for a referendum on Britain´s future relations with the European Union. I suspect that the majority will want to pull out which is a great shame. But at the end of the day it will be a decision by them (the electorate) and not some foreign power.


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