Re The Kings Speech
IN spite of all the “trailer” hype during the recent showing of the latest Harry Potter movie in English- it appears that in spite of rave reviews and possible Oscar nominations we the English speaking community are to be denied seeing the movie in its original language.

Spanish cinemas have been showing it (for several weeks) in Castillano and even ‘dubbed into Catalan at the Renoir.
Are we yet again, considered inconsequential?

Yours sincerely, M. Irving

I enjoy very much visiting the many excellent art exhibitions that are staged in Palma. These could well be an important tourist attraction as art of all types appeals to all nationalities.

The difficulty is that the description and title of each painting is only in Spanish and Catalan which discourages those who do not understand either language from visiting art galleries.

Perhaps the issue could be considered by the tourist board.
Jill Carter

WORSE ever hotel occupancy ever during last December. No surprise there then, just look at flight availability and choice from the UK, plus the ever increasing price of just about everything on the island. When will somebody in local Government have the courage to acknowledge there are very serious problems for tourism on the Island and offer some solutions?

Brian Fullicks


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