By Jason Moore

THIS years marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war and Argentina has launched a major diplomatic offensive to push its sovereignty claim. Some South America countries, including Brazil, have barred vessels flying the Falkland Islands flag from visiting their ports.

This week there was protest in Uruguay after a Royal Navy vessel, bound for the Falklands, docked in Montevideo. Some armchair generals are calling for a show of British force in the South Atlantic. Rather than more sabre rattling perhaps the time has come for Britain to open talks with Argentina. Obviously the islands must remain British but there is room for compromise. The latest spat with Argentina comes over claims that there are important oil reserves around the islands. But a British charm offensive is needed and direct talks on the agenda are needed. Britain can also expect more trouble from the new Spanish government over Gibraltar. Diplomacy is the answer, nothing more, nothing less, to resolve these disputes.


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