l Dear Sir, I was interested to read that the Council of Mallorca is to reward selective rubbish collection (Bulletin Jan 6).

Many years' ago I worked in PR for the Glass Manufacturers Federation of Great Britain and remember that making products from recycled glass uses a huge 50 per cent less fuel that starting with the raw materials.

The GMF paid local councils for the waste glass collected in Bottle Banks, thus helping the rate payers and the environment - a win win situation.
Here in Calvia the whole rubbish collection service is excellent but I feel very disappointed at the amount of glass, plastic and paper products that are still dumped in the general bin, even though the recycling bins are always right next to it.

Perhaps an education programme in schools, a series of articles in the local press explaining what happens to selected waste after it has been collected with details of the financial and environmental benefits, advertisements on a regular basis to remind people of the advantages and stronger icons on the bins themselves might help.

Yours faithfully, Gillian Bertorelli
El Toro


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