By Jason Moore
JUST how is the Balearics going to stop the problem of illegal immigration? Buying a new radar is not the solution. Last week at least three boats from North Africa, laden with illegal immigrants, arrived on the island. The Balearics at once demanded more radars in an effort to track these boats because the existing radar failed to detect the boats. I don´t know too much about radars but it must be quite difficult to detect pleasure craft coming in to local waters when the Balearics prides itself on having the most number of vessels in the country! There are literally thousands of boats based here similar to the ones being used by the people traffickers. However, this is not a problem which can be taken lightly. Obviously people traffickers believe that they can get their “cargo” through and the Balearics should start to take note. More maritime and coastal patrols are certainly needed. Also, the government must make it very clear that all those who are detained will be sent back to their country at once.

THE other day I received a letter from my bank saying that I shouldn´t worry about the increase in mortgage rates in Spain because I could easily add a couple more years to my repayment period. Thanks. But it is not really the point is it? The banks seem to believe that the best way to overcome more money going out of my accout every month is to just make me pay longer. Ah, the good old banks. They never appear to lose do they? Just look at Northern Rock it is now effectively owned by the tax payer who has invested far more in it than its value. So now the British government has a bank which no-one wants to buy. Lovely, just what Britain needed.


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