By Jason Moore

PRIME Minister David Cameron is right when he says that Scotland should hold its referendum on independence sooner rather than later. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond should have named the day by now because afterall it is a key part of the Scottish Nationalist Party´s manifesto. Cameron´s call has probably rather wrong-footed the SNP who wanted to wait as long as possible for the referendum on Scottish independence so that they could have a long drawn-out campaign calling for the breakaway.

I don´t think that Scotland should be part of the United Kingdom if the majority of Scots want a seperate country. I also believe that perhaps the English, Welsh and Northern Irish should have their say on whether they want Scotland to be part of the union as well. This is democracy at work. Salmond has opened a can of worms and it is going to be difficult to close again. At the same time as Scottish nationalism has risen so has English nationalism. How many Union flags do you see at football matches when home nations are playing these days? Very few. Scotland already has a degree of home rule, while England doesn´t. The fact that Scottish MPs in parliament can vote on English matters but English MPs can´t do the same on Scottish affairs is always going to be a bone of contention. Salmond should do the honourable thing and call his referendum. If he fails then I will be pleased but I will also say the same if he wins.


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