by Jason Moore

THE controversial BBC documentary, The Truth About Magalluf, was one of the top topics yesterday on one of Spain´s top television chat shows. Now, obviously Magalluf and British tourists did not come out too well on the programme which has a viewing audience of millions. But what the presenters were quick to point out was that Majorca was not all like Magalluf! This was a programme which was going out across Spain to an audience who probably had little knowledge of Majorca and therefore the reassurance that “Magalluf is not Majorca was needed.” This got me thinking. If Spaniards need reminding that Majorca is not all Magalluf then what will British tourists think? There was no line on The Truth About Magalluf which said that there are some beautiful parts of the island and indeed even neighbouring resorts to Magalluf are exceptionally nice places popular with family tourists. This is where the local authorities need to act. After the BBC programme went out they should have been all over the air waves underlining the joys of Majorca and the fact that it is not all like Magalluf. If it is not an obvious fact for Spaniards then it is certainly not obvious for the British. This is why television documentaries like The Truth About Magalluf can be so dangerous. It may encourage more young people to go to Magalluf but at the same it may discourage an even greater number of people to come to Majorca. This island has something for everyone and this should be underlined.


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