SO, according to a new survey, Palma´s city centre hotels have the highest room rates in the country.

The survey results come at a time when some Palma hotels are planning to close their doors this winter because of a lack of trade. I am not surprised. Now I love Palma but if I can go to Barcelona and stay at a similar hotel which is cheaper then I know where I will be going!

It appears that unlike other big tourist cities in Spain Palma hotels have not reduced their rates as a result of the recession. This is probably one of the reasons why you can count the number of tourists in the capital at the moment on a single hand. Sometimes I don´t understand the tourist industry in the Balearics. Obviously, now is the time to reduce hotel prices. The fact that there are so few tourists in Palma is naturally going to mean less trade for shopkeepers, bars and restaurants. It also means that Palma has effectively priced itself out of the market as a getaway weekend holiday destination. Barcelona and Madrid have plenty of tourists. Okay, they are much larger cities and offer far more but you would have thought Palma hotels would be busy in the winter. Now we know the answer why. It is just a question of price.


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