Sorry, still do not agree with Mr Pierrepoint's attitude. It is an insult to this lovely island when people do not even make an effort, nobody expects someone to speak the ‘King's Spanish' however a little effort would be appreciated. I don't know what Mr Pierrepoint's leisure pursuits are, but maybe a little time set aside could help. Why are foreign languages taught in school if some people cannot ‘grasp them'. I am glad to see that he has travelled as far as Germany and France and has found some local friends. I can assure him that I have travelled afar and met many intelligent groups of retirees, students British abroad who have integrated into their local society that do make an effort more out of respect than practicality. I find it incredulous that he does not bother to learn the language (or cannot for some reason) and then expects the local Majorcan population to learn his so that he can have his free dental care. In case he hasn't realised there is a recession in place and surely the local government can find better things to do with their money than have English lessons for hospital staff! Frances Demoulin
Puerto Andratx


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