by Jason Moore

THE problem with the European Union is that it has become a “political talking shop” rather than an international trading bloc which can challenge the United States and China. You have to remember that when Britain joined the EU, it was known as the Common Market, a massive trading organisation which would encourage free trade across Europe. But this message appears to have been rather diluted over the years as the European Union became bolder and more ambitious. Trade should be one of the European Union´s key roles. If a British businessperson wants to open a business in Majorca it should be made easier by European Union legislation. If Majorca wants to start exporting ensaimadas or olive oil to Britain then it should be the European Union who gives a helping hand. Cutting through red tape, creating jobs through cross border ventures and encourage investment should be one of its chief aims. So you can see why many people in Europe have become rather concerned at the modern-day European Union. I would urge Prime Minister David Cameron in his keynote speech to try and help put trade back at the core of the European Union. Trade leads to jobs and more investment. The problem is that while member states fly the European Union flag they still concentrate on their own national needs. If it is not careful the European Union could go the same way as NATO, a redundant organisation in a modern era.


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