Dear Sir,

Jason Moore lives and works in Spain. If he needs the police or the fire department he calls Spaniards. He pays taxes to Spain.
Why is not Jason Moore a Spaniard? He wants to vote. The problem is not Spain. The problem is Jason Moore. He wants to be English and have Spanish rights. Sorry, only one country to a citizen.

Dorsey Hillman

Dear Sir,

Jason Moore is whining again. He can't vote in a Spanish national election. Boo Hoo.
He identifies as British. Let him vote in England. That British law and his circumstance disallows this is not an excuse. If he is English let him correct the details.

There is no reason to create a special class of people who can vote in two countries. You are entitled to one national election only. Make up your mind. UK or Spain?

If your commitment entitles you to vote in the Spanish national election, you can. Become a Spanish citizen. I am sure you would be welcomed.
In order to vote in Spain you should be ineligible to vote in the UK. There is no justification for creating a class of people who can vote in two national elections. No one is worth two others. Not even, Jason Moore.

The only reason you cannot vote is that you will not commit to Spain. If you will not, why should Spain take you in?

Felipe Bover
Santa Fe, NM USA


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