Dear Sir,

I fully agree with Frank Leavers letter of Friday regarding tourism here. Funnily enough I wrote this letter a few days ago, with my personal thoughts on tourism here this year. I think Spain and the Balearics are in for a rough ride this year on tourism as regards visitors from the U.K. The Euro is killing everything. The tourist rate at the moment is 10% less than the Summer and is getting worse. Nobody seems to mention this in newspapers etc. Who will want to come here or any other euro zone country? How can people in the U.K. afford to come here (except youngsters) on top of all the massive price increases announced in January? Spain is not a cheap touch anymore, prices have risen significantly over time and another 5% on price in cafes and restaurants has been just announced. Also no one has said about how much property buyers from the U.K. are effected by the euro, plus air fares and fuel extras added every time one books a flight. It annoys me when I read in the papers here and the English press, saying that the outlook looks good for Spain and the Balearics tourist wise this year. Where do they get their figures from? Anyone can talk a good game! I think people will think twice about coming here this year. Unless a miracle happens with the euro. I could be wrong.

A. Caffyn, Santa Ponsa


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