Pontificating as usual in the Saturday MDB Ray Fleming waxes indignant over the National Rifle Association's ad. pointing out that Obama's children go to schools that have armed guards in addition to the Secret Service protection provided by law.

The ad. does not suggest that the president's children should not be protected. It points out one class, the Washington elite, lives in a bubble denied ordinary folk. Ray decries the NRA's “abysmal standards.” One would think he approves of a class struggle that seeks to deny privileges for the rich and powerful. Obama, ever the anti-Constitution activist, is taking shameful advantage of over two dozen dying to promote a long standing leftist goal of limiting gun ownership to criminals and the government. None of the measures being touted would have in any way prevented the tragedy in Newtown. I guess Ray thinks this is good taste. He announced the initiatives surrounded by several children who allegedly wrote him pleading for these actions.

It takes a politician non-abysmal standards to hide his agenda behind children, at least in Ray's Little Red Book.
If a Republican pulled such a crude stunt Mr. Fleming would be shocked, shocked at the “abysmal standard” of it. Elsewhere Ray demonstrates a lack on understanding of the issue.

Example, he is pleased with the proposed ban on assault weapons.
The ban was allowed lapse because the courts uniformly ruled that there is no such thing as an assault weapon and it was not enforceable.
The spark that started the American Revolution was the government coming to get the guns of the citizenry in Concord and Lexington.
Lenin succeeded in doing it and ushered in a regime that in 70 years slaughtered upwards of 60 million unarmed citizens.
That is why the Second Amendment is in place. It is also why Obama hides, tastefully, behind children, both sorrowfully slain and alive, but exploited.

Ralph McGaughey
Island Falls, Maine USA


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