by Jason Moore

THE leader of the Balearic government, Jose Ramon Bauza, is two years into his four year term but his school report would read; disappointing could do much better. Bauza promised plenty but has delivered little. Now, I know that many people will say that his government has been hit by the economic slowdown and a lack of funding. But this no excuse. It would be difficult to describe any local government achievements in the last two years. Infact Bauza´s government has caused more problems that they have resolved. The issue of Catalan has been raised again which has effectively split the Balearics eventhough many people thought that it was no longer an issue. On tourism, Bauza, and his team had big ideas but nothing appears to have been achieved. The Balearic President has alot to do in his last two years in office. I would say that imagination is needed to get the islands back on track. Bauza has a big majority in the local parliament and must do much better.


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