By Jason Moore
WHY is it that Palma airport can make all the security checks so painless while at British airport is it a complete nightmare. The process is the same but at British airports it appears to take forever and at Palma it is done in a matter of minutes. I travelled to Britain last week with a lap-top computer (never a good item to take through customs and security) and at Palma the security staff handled the whole situation with great professionalism and much courtesy.

At Gatwick, on the other-hand, the same process seemed to take forever. At Palma everything is done in one swoop; you take your shoes, coat and belt off, you take your computer out of the bag it is given the once-over, luggage is checked and through you go. No problem. At Gatwick the whole process is done in three parts and once you feel you´ve finished then you have to take your shoes off. I think British airports (which are all Spanish owned) could learn from their counterparts here. Obviously security is a very serious issue but the system in Britain could easily be enhanced. It also helps that at Palma you´ve got an absolutely stunning Claudia Schiffer look-alike security guard who is asking you to take some of your clothes off! Quite a nice way to start your holiday or your trip!


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