THE Spanish government is battling with an enormous debt but millions of euros are wasted every year on having far too many regional authorities. Take the Balearics; you have the delegation of the Central administration, in otherwords Madrid´s representative in the Balearics with all its civil servants.

Then you have the Balearic government with all its civil servants and departments.

Then you have another local authority the Councils of Majorca, Ibiza-Formentera and Minorca. And then there are all the local councils. All of these four bodies have their own departments for tourism! If we had a single tourism body then the money which was saved could easily be spent on tourism and improving the resorts.

I have heard rumours that each of the island councils could be scrapped to save money. This is a very wise move. Spain has a small army of Civil Servants and in many cases their tasks are duplicated across the board. Maintaining all these departments costs a small fortune. Some politicians have called for the process of devolved power to the regions to be scaled back completely and in some ways key government departments returned to the central administration. Local authorities are nice ideas but they cost a fortune.


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