I arrived on the island last week, and was here to be able to attend the auditorium for the fourth concert of the Balearic Symphony orchestra's Winter Season.

A most enjoyable evening and the standard of their musicianship was fantastic.
I feel that the special relationship between the orchestra and its current Director Titular- Salvador Broton has a lot to do with this.
Majorca is very lucky to have a symphony orchestra of this standard.
Congratulations to the Administrator of the orchestra.
R. Griffiths

Attracting tourists
I think that Majorca will remain a popular place for summer holidays, BUT like many comments in your paper, it has to make a big effort to improve things.

My fear is that they are not doing enough quickly enough.
I was watching a film about Llandudno, no I haven't gone completely mad! Although the comments about the Welsh resort was that it was always kept in good condition and was sparkling.

I just wish that Puerto Pollensa and several other resorts could make the Welsh effort.
Over the years since `88 we have been coming to the island, but there is an air of sadness about the place now.
Year after year the same stupid things like, wheelchair and pushchair unfriendly streets.
Pedestrian crossings where the curb is high one side and lowered the other....doesn't anyone care?
I am sure it is because money is tight, but to attract people and then get them back the next year something has to be done.
Majorca is beautiful but people have so many places to chose from and just as beautiful. On UK TV there are no advertisements about Majorca, why not?
Turkey, Malta etc are having a good share of ads. The Rednapps advertise a tour company, I think they would be excellent to state the positives about Majorca.

With so many high profile personalities having second homes on the island it would be great to hire a few to give a positive message about the island.
Hope things change not slowly but quickly.

Sally Schofield


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