Your guy Hugh Ash sums up the situation of Israel perfectly. He's right, too, about what England would do if the Scots and Welsh adopted terror tactics. Spain would do likewise if France or Portugal went terrorist, not that that's ever likely, but I get the comparison. Anyone with half a brain doesn't buy the idea of 8 million Israelis making 250 million Arabs in the Mid-East cower. And who attacked who in ‘48, ‘67 and ‘73? Or who first starts lobbing bombs? I don't like the idea of walling the Palestinians in or out, but it seems to have stopped nearly all the suicide attacks. The problem is the Israelis are lousy on PR, which is the one thing the Palestinians are A-graders at. If they put the same effort into negotiating a peace deal, they'd have their own state. So you've got to agree with Hugh Ash. Abass wants the Jews out of the Mid-East, but lies. At least Hamas make it no secret. Thanks for printing this stuff. It might make some people sit up and smell the coffee.

Candice Kurtz, Andratx


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