I enjoyed reading your columnist Hugh Ash's opinion on the Israel elections. It was well argued, well researched and a refreshing change from all the pro-Palestinian pap in the Left-wing press, which has an obsession with caning the Israelis over anything they do, even when they give water and electricity to the West Bank and Gaza and not get paid for it.

I agree the Palestinians should have their own state, but they will never earn or deserve it by launching suicide attacks and missiles against Israel. Every country's leader's first duty is to protect the citizens and as much as I don't like the hawkish Netanyahu, he does that and stands no nonsense even from the appeaser Obama. The Muslim fanatics call the tune and the clever dicks in charge of the West dance to it. But look what is going on now in Mali and Algeria, where we our people are being murdered by terrorists who want to take the world back to the 14th Century. People should remember little Israel is the first line of the West's defence in the world war against Islamic barbarians.

If they fail, so will we.
John Clayton, Palma de Mallorca


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