by Jason Moore

I have always considered Michel Winner, the film director who died yesterday, to be a perfect gentleman. About five years Winner was attending Andrew Lloyd Webber´s birthday celebrations at his home in Deya. The guest list included Michael Caine, among others. I remember telephoning the hotel where they were all staying and putting in an interview request for both Winner and Caine. I never thought that they would ring me back and sometimes in this profession you just have to go through the motions. The chance of a top film director and at that time restaurant critic on the Sunday Times, ringing you back are always slight, to say the least! To my amazement Michael Winner did call me back and gave me an excellent telephone interview in which he told me of his love for Majorcan restaurants. He was a perfect gentleman. In this job you get to meet a number of celebrities, many will not even give you the time of day, let alone an interview. What I have discovered is that the bigger the star, the more polite they are. Michael Winner falls into this category. He took the time to give the local newspaper an interview and I will always be grateful. He didn´t have to call me; infact, as I said earlier, I was amazed he did. Winner was a great man and I am sure that thousands of others around the globe have similar stories as I do. It is a great shame that other celebrities can´t learn from Michael Winner. He was a gentleman and unfortunately there are few about these days.


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