HAVING watched Majorca decline slowly over the past five years I ask the question yet once again: Does Majorca want the Package Tourist?
Now when I speak to a few of the Old School Majorcans, the feedback that I get is, yes we have done very well thank you from Package Tourism, our Island has all the infrastructure it needs, Thank you and now goodbye! The lack of marketing from the Balearic Tourism Board confirms my fears, Now is not the time for Majorca to get all snobbish on the Tourist, it desperately needs Tourism from all walks of life, And with the problems going on in Tunisia, now is the time to get cracking with professional marketing.
Majorca, the money under your bed is running out fast! And there won't be anybody left to tax!


YOU read it first in the Daily B! On Friday 14 January the Spanish Hostelry Federation reported an increase in people not paying their drink/food bill using the excuse that they were just slipping out for a smoke. You read it first in the Daily B when it was foreseen over a month earlier on 5 December! On 21 December under the headline “Government Upbeat on Balearic Economy” Tax Minister Carlos Manera stated that air visitors were up 13.4%. A day later this was questioned using actual AENA (the Spanish Air Authority) figures up to the end of November which showed Palma passengers slightly down from the same period in 2009. Just over 3 weeks later on the same Friday 14 January under the headline “Fall in Passenger Figures at Palma Airport” the Daily B quoted AENA reporting a drop of 0.4% in passengers at Palma's San Joan airport in 2010 compared to 2009.

In fact 2009 was already down on 2008, itself down on 2007. Air Berlin is the largest user of the airport at 30% of the total and if you extract their growing hub traffic of passengers just passing through the airport, the drop in our island tourism is greater.

A large number of our politicians are corrupt. It appears they corrupt statistics as well.
Again you read it first in the Daily B!

Mike Lillico


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