by Jason Moore

THE Cameron government has come under fire for slashing the size of the British army at a time of heightened world terror fears. By 2020 the British army will have a strength of just 82'000 men and women. Armchair generals say that Britain doesn´t have the manpower to join the French in their military action in Mali. But what they don´t tell you is that Britain has one of the most advanced armed forces in the world. Rather than sending troops to Mali the British government is providing spy aircraft (both manned and un-manned) and a small number of Special forces. These highly expensive and capable assets will probably play a greater role in securing a successful outcome to the crisis than battalions of infantry. Britain is slowly assembling a large force of armed Reaper drones which have been used successfully by both the U.S. military and the CIA across the globe. This is the way forward. Boots on the ground is very dangerous and the last thing that the Cameron government wants is another Afghanistan. While it is sad that some British army regiments are being disbanded it must be remembered that first rate kit doesn´t come cheap. The British army was very badly equipped when it was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Infact solders had to borrow kit from their American counterparts. The British army maybe smaller but it is far better equipped now than ten years ago. Leaner and meaner rather sums it up.


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