I have just read the MDB local briefing article on the roadwork's from Son Servera to Capdepera and thought that I must have been asleep for three months and that the date at the top of the page must be April 1st, but no.

Hard shoulders, are we talking motorway here? I don't think so. Work complete? Surely not, as the cut back vertical sides are collapsing after heavy rainfall. Compacted earth can hardly be described as a ‘hard shoulder' in the true meaning, when referring to road construction. Those hard (soft) shoulders are proving to be a very good base for weed growth which is beginning to show. What is the purpose of those hard shoulders?

They are unsuitable for use by heavy vehicles as their tyres make ruts in wet weather and deposit earth onto the proper road surface and the same thing happens when some motorists cut the corners at roundabouts. I could understand the need for the occasional parking bay, properly kerbed & surfaced with the appropriate road signs indicating their whereabouts, but not these messy eyesores. The money that has been wasted on this unnecessary project should have been spent on essential repairs to existing roads and footpaths which are well overdue in this area. It seems that those holding the purse strings don't give a damn or see the need. Are there the wrong people in office? Are there no highway maintenance surveyors? I have seen some potholes in Majorca, with widths & depths, that would have to be seen to be believed. With the previous mention of footpath repairs, I am surprised that those who construct footpaths are not mindful of the effect that high temperatures can have on a footpath where small tiles have been used with no provision for expansion. There are several places, the full width of the footpaths, where the tiles have pushed upwards & overlapped, creating trip hazards. A periodic inspection by a surveyor would surely note this. If this were in the U.K, personal accident claims would be rife.

Yours sincerely,

David Lomas


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