Dear Sir,

Surely, Ray Fleming is off at a tangent, as usual. The meaning of ‘Satisfactory' is not changed, but it is at last being recognized that this is the wrong choice of word.

Many of the Schools so described are in fact ‘Unsatisfactory' and in many cases they have much room for improvement in standards of Teaching, Learning and Discipline.

Sloppy Teaching encouraged by sloppy Inspection, together with Political Correctness and many other sad betrayals of the Pupils over the years have resulted in the sorry state of Education we see today and it is to be welcomed that at last someone has begun to do something about it.

I taught 27 years in a big Comprehensive which in, 1958 was a wonderful place to work but over the years I have seen much lost that we had then, in terms of Teacher quality and the range and standard of Subjects offered.

Edmund Hodges
London and Fornalutx


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