By Jason Moore
THE ghosts from the past still haunt Spain. Thirty years after the death of General Franco and still the military believe that they have a special importance in Spain.
The arrest and later sacking of a top Spanish general, for saying that the army may have to act if Cataluña is given greater power, clearly underlines the fact that while Spain has advanced considerably in 30 years, the past is still very much there. Since the incident with the general other military officials have also voiced their concerns. They have all be sacked or reprimanded by the Spanish Ministry of Defence. Defence minister Jose Bono has played down the incidents but really they are very serious indeed. Firstly, the Spanish military should not get involved in internal politics, it is not their place or their role. The army should be loyal to the King, the Prime Minister and the Spanish people. Full stop. Spain is now a modern democratic society, well respected around the world, and general and military officers making stupid comments will only knock the country's reputation. Taking all this into account, though, the last three weeks will have taught Prime Minister Zapatero a valuable lesson; Spain has changed dramatically but in some cases the ghosts from the past are still there. I believe that it should have waited to introduce his radical agenda on Cataluña and gay marriage. He is already paying the price with disconent in the army and the church.


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