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HUNDREDS of thousands of Gazans poured into Egypt when militants destroyed part of the border wall. They bought goods unobtainable in Gaza since Israel closed crossing points. The US Congress speedily approved a $150 billion economic stimulus package proposed by President Bush but some economists believed it was “too little, too late” to prevent the onset of a recession. A peace settlement was reached between rival factions in Congo ending fighting that had resulted in 45'000 deaths a month. Italy's centre-left government was in danger of collapse after two small parties left the coalition and Its leader Romano Prodi resigned.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week

SUNDAY/MONDAY: 20'000 Britons Live In Balearics (Registered residents totalled 20'000, the second largest foreign community after Germans).
TUESDAY: 40 Per Cent Of Buses Fail Test (Local buses and lorries have a high failure rate in their initial ITV tests).
WEDNESDAY: Calm After The Storm (Britain is well-placed to withstand international financial instability according to an official spokesman).
THURSDAY: Hunt For Costa Criminals (British and Spanish police are collaborating to locate UK criminals living in Spain).
FRIDAY: 104 People Killed On Balearic Roads (The total was for deaths in 2006 of which 30 per cent were under the age of 25).
SATURDAY: Jobless Rate Hits Record High (The national jobless rate was 8·6 per cent, the highest in 18 months).


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