By Jason Moore

THE Balearics should at last return to work on Monday after a festive break which has lasted more than a month. Now, I am not saying that it has been a 30 party break...more like a few days at work a few days off work through the festive season and into San Sebastian, the patron saint of Palma. Many civil servants have still not got back into the flow of things since the festive break and only from Monday will work go back to its old routine.

It is quite incredible when you think that some people finished up work on December 22 and have been enjoying a shortened working week ever since. Productivity in the Balearics must have reached an all time low over the festive period. Perhaps, the time has come for the local authorities to legislate against this month-long break for the good of the Balearics. Key services, such as judiciary, have naturally been severely disrupted and are only now returning to normal. The next long break will be Easter in April but you can safely say that there will be more time off for many government employees during carnival next month, and possibly during the Balearic Day celebrations in March. It is nice work if you can get it but surely the Balearics is missing out?


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