In his usual Guardianistic manner, Ray Fleming, attacks the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, in two consecutive articles. The first the weekly joust with you, on Friday last, the second in his normal place below your editorial today (Saturday). Both pieces were the same argument more or less, repeating his (Fleming's) view that Cameron's speech on the E.U. was full of “complexities and uncertainties”.

Now I am a fairly simple man of ordinary intelligence, able to follow Mr. Cameron's points easily. They were basically a desire to negotiate for Britain to opt out of some rules and regulations that have a bad effect on trade, questions as well, on some legal judgements that over -ride British Courts, an amelioration of the Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policy that have provoked widespread resentment. These aims, do not seem to me, very extreme, and I am sure most can be resolved by sensible discussion. Mr. Fleming drags out the Labour Party's view, that all this will lead to uncertainty, bad for British business. This is not borne out by many top managing directors of British companies, who have spoken out supporting Mr. Cameron's thesis, and it is notable that since the speech, the Stock Exchange has reacted with one of the biggest one-day rises of the FTSE Index,for some eight years.

So, Mr. Fleming, you may have to raise your stance, as you did recently regarding the doom and gloom forecasts that predicted the collapse of the Eurozone countries last year.

Yours sincerely, Phil Green, El Toro.


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