FROM your report in the Bulletin today, I can see that the Council of Majorca is determined to tackle the 47 Million Euro deficit in the budget for tourism by the latest initiative of spending 200'000 Euros on conserving the Balearic cows and pigs! Call me a cynic, but is there nobody out there that has a grasp on reality?
The vital income to the Balearics is under threat, yet we still have council and government departments liaising on schemes, which only serve as an added burden to the growing debt.

Of course the Cows and Pigs project has some credibility, but surely it could wait until positive fiscal measures have been implemented and shown to be successful before adding any further strains on the economy?

I would just love to read about a combined initiative involving plausible economic measures, which would at least make some attempt to resolve the deficit.

Imagine the Balearic Government and the Councils working together towards financial success, as opposed to individuals concocting yet more ways to add to the problem.

It is time we curtailed this preoccupation with empire building and political infighting and instilled some national favour and unity.
Then and only then will we resolve the problems facing us.

Gerry Mulligan


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