By Jason Moore
SIXTY percent of Majorcans say there are too many immigrants in Majorca, according to the latest opinion polls. Ofcourse, in local terms the word immigrant actually means a North African or South American who has comeshere to work. But I don't think so. I consider myself an immigrant because I have come from another country to work in Spain and I have also gone through all the paperwork headaches that these latest immigrants are suffering at the moment. Rather than complaining Majorcans should ensure that the new immigrant workforce is being welcomed to the island and given all the necessary help that they need. You can safely say that without the immigrant workforce the island would be lost. They are performing a vital role in the local economy and it is horrible to see that they are still being criticised. The time has come for the Majorcans to forget the them and us attitude and try to make all nationalities feel at home here. Naturally, there needs to be some give and take on both sides. Majorcan traditions and customs should not be forgotten or the local language and it is duty of the local authorities to make sure that all people moving to the island are aware of the island's history and heritage. We are all very lucky to live on this beautiful island and there is no reason why the island should not progress further thanks to new ideas from new members of the community.


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