By Ray Fleming

ONE year ago today was the Day of Revolt in Egypt as tens of thousands protested in Cairo and other cities against the rule of President Mubarak.
Within three days the tens of thousands become hundreds of thousands and by 31 January millions but it was not until 11 February that Mubarak resigned.

Although revolutions against the Soviet Union in East Europe in the 1960s and 70s were covered by TV news reports the Egyptian revolution was the first to receive continuous coverage as it progressed. Now documentary films on CNN and al-Jazeera in recent days have shown the impressive backroom planning and coordination that achieved the discipline and dedication of the huge forces taking part.

On Monday the 508 members of the lower house of parliament assembled for the first time. The majority of this parliament is Islamist in character, probably more so than were the majority of the revolutionaries; but these MPs were freely and fairly elected and must now have the chance to prove themselves capable of dealing with Egypt's formidable economic and social problems.

If they fail to do so it is not impossible that a Second Revolution will follow, probably led by those who think the future they won in the first has been betrayed and must be put to rights. More of Egypt's long history is yet to be written.


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