Dear Sir, FURTHER to the letter regarding the “High Season” road asphalting, I too thought that this was crazy in the full Season over more during the day. But I have since spoken to a road engineer and he informed me, that this work must be carried out during hot weather and in the light of day. Yes, it has a technical reason and as I am not a technician I can't give a detailed answer.

It has something to do with the curing of the tar and therefore it is less likely to deteriorate in future hot weather. If it is done during the winter the asphalt can change and subside in the heat. This apparently is why it is done now. So now we know! Maybe an engineer can give us a more technical explanation?

Yvonne Cotton
Dear Sir, AS I live in a village, I don't often read English newspapers so don't have the full discussions printed in your paper, but I have seen a few papers and magazines lately with comments on the new residencia certificate, either instructions on how to get one or complaints about having a sheet of paper instead of an identity card. Imagine my surprise when going to collect my new “paper”, my residencia ran out on the 8th April, to find I am getting a new card after all. I have to go back and collect it in a couple of weeks. I am totally confused.

Is it because I sent my application in early via the gestor? Is it because I am a full-time resident, retired, not working, no property elsewhere? No one seems to have any idea. However I am very happy because the thought of having to carry my passport, and this paper if I needed to prove I am a resident, annoyed me intensely. In saying that EU nationals should not have to have NIE's. British citizens are being put at a disadvantage to the rest of the EU, and also other extranjeros who will get NIE's, as the UK does not have ID cards. Also, many German and Italian friends who live here all the time do not have easy access to cards from their “homeland” so are in the same position. I liked having my card, it made a statement for me when I used it when paying with a local debit card or credit card that I am “not just another tourist”, but someone who lives here all the time. I have chosen to live here and I am more than happy to be treated in the same way as locals. I hope the NIE comes back, at least for anyone who wants to keep it, very soon. Any campaign you are running about this would be well supported by many people.

C Jenvey, Santa Margalida


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