I have just read the comments about “ Majorca being at the forefront of tourism“ by the ABTA President … Somehow I think not, especially with eastern Mediterranean emerging countries actually trying to attract the tourists, not discourage them.
Following this article was one about boat moorings “being ripped up” in Puerto Pollensa … do they really want tourists?
I had a mooring put in over 6 years ago with help from the coastal service and this was put into a designated boating lane.
Last week after 20 years and probably 30 or so visits to Puerto Pollensa, I was told in no uncertain terms, by the very people who put the mooring in, that it was illegal and I should move elsewhere.

I have a health problem and it will be impossible for me to get out to my boat if it is moored 150 metres off shore.
So who are the so called Authorities trying to attract? ... It is in fact the small boaters, mine is less than 4 metres and has a 6 hp. engine.
They are trying to attract us tourists to spend time, always in my case a one month visit ... and money. Puerto Pollensa relies on the tourists in the shops restaurants and bars, and this year trade was very noticeably down.

Certainly those with the bigger floating gin palaces only come for the day or so, mooring in the bay and then moving on without spending money in the town.

Prices around the town rose last year by 25 percent or so, and despite the recession have not come down so what are these “officials” trying to achieve? ... Not only do I spend good money in the town but the Boatyard who charge to look after my boat when I'm not there are likely to lose ... when will you learn?

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