Dear Sir,

One would have thought that a fresh government would have taken a new look at the very grey area of holiday property rentals on Majorca but, no, just one day after we read the encouraging news that 25% of all advertisements on the HomeAway websites offer properties in the Balearics, they announce that they are initiating a further clamp-down on those (the overwhelming majority) who are unlicensed.

Do they not realise that the only reason they are unlicensed is because the Majorcan government do not issue any licences any more (for individual properties). If only they did, in the same way as every other country in Europe does, then they would soon begin to earn millions of Euros annually from the licensing fees and the taxes that are currently not being paid (because owners do not want to pay tax on a business they are not permitted to operate). Why, oh why, are they so ignorant and falling into the lap of the hoteliers who of course cannot accept competition, as we have seen by the way they are putting so many others out of business by their crappy all-inclusive deals?

Well, I think we all know why but what a terrible job the Ministry of Tourism is doing, and what a boost it will give to other Mediterranean countries, not one of which has the same antiquated regulations. Further proof of their incompetence is in their dealings with me, who they have threatened with a hefty fine or may have already found guilty of this “crime” (I don't know which because I live in the UK but they keep sending registered letters to a Majorcan address and I never get to see what they are writing and they don't reply to my letters to them).

Do they really think that they have the legal right to fine overseas businesses who do business with overseas owners? Are the major rental portals such as going to be next in line? This will go to the European court if necessary but why doesn't the Majorcan government just get into the 21st century once and for all, start licensing properties again and be done with it.


John Lance
Managing Director
Holiday Homes Int'l Ltd
London - England

Dear Sir,

I refer to this particular quote in the Bulletin today.
Second homes Martinez said that in recent campaigns of this nature, some 1'000 illegally operating businesses had been unearthed, many of them run by people who have had second homes on the island and who rented the properties out to holiday-makers. You wouldn't have believed there were so many criminals letting out their holiday homes on the island. What is their intention? Probably to encourage a different type of tourist who does not want a bland holiday and wants to spend money in the cafes and bars etc. How awful. This is obviously a serious criminal offence and should be stopped at all costs in case it becomes popular and benefits businesses! Perhaps Martinez should not be so conveniently “cosy” with the hoteliers.

Mr Allsop


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