Dear Sir,
Re: Palma's new metro line.
BEST joke I've read in ages: an underground line going from Plaza Espana to that massive venue, the, er, University, passing all those frequented other stops that everyone wants to get to, places like, um, er, well, actually - none! The cost of this wonderful venture, just a few million Euros. Why not just buy all the students a bicycle and stick in a decent cycle track? This White Elephant will be the laughing stock of the EU once it is done.
Meantime, the airport will enlarge further, with no underground links to Palma, leaving the taxis with a nice little earner and the tourists, who are the economic lifeblood of the island, facing increasing traffic chaos. Barmy as hell! Steve Riches, by e-mail.
Dear Sir,
World Cup
IT appears that the penny has finally dropped for Sir Clive Woodentop that England came fourth in the six nations tournament and he has decided to go for a change of line-up for the second test in NZ dropping the “Dad's Army” contingent of his World Cup squad of yesteryear.
The sooner he changes codes and migrates to Southampton FC the better it will be for attacking rugby. As for the dreadful “spearing” of O'Driscol he can only take solace in the fact that the ancestors of Umaga and Mealamu would have followed it up with dropping him into a pot for dinner! John Rule, Sol de Mallorca.


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